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The Goodness of God

This video talks about the goodness of God and how He is always blessing us and showering us with His favour. With His unfailing and unconditional love He meets needs that we have once forgotten about so very long ago or even things we have never even asked for. This is just His goodness, graciousContinue reading “The Goodness of God”

The Secret Place

This video talks about how God hides us in that secret place, hidden from all manner of evil and danger. He is a caring and nurturing Father who never forgets His children. God is good and His lovingkindness is with us forever. By “Inspirational Ingrid”

Double For Your Trouble

This video talks about how God wants us to rest in Him, because He has everything under full control. You have been through far too much and now it’s the appointed time for God to handle everything. God loves you so much and He wants give you double for all your trouble and He willContinue reading “Double For Your Trouble”

Hills and Valleys

This video talks about the highs and the lows of life, one minute you are on top of the hills and the next minute you have sunk to the lows of the valleys. Stay encouraged whether you are on the Hills or the Valleys, God is always with you, ready and waiting to turn yourContinue reading “Hills and Valleys”

Royal Ascension

This video talks about the Royal Ascension to the throne and the long life of Queen Elizabeth II. It also talks about succession in God’s Kingdom and the heirs in his Royal household. By “Inspirational Ingrid”


This video talks about rising higher and elevating to the next level. Yes we are elevating up this September where the floodgates of heaven are about to pour out upon God’s children. Where He will protect His own from anything that affects them. By “Inspirational Ingrid” @Maxwell (c)

Jesus is all the fire that I need

A few weeks ago God put in my spirit, fire, fire, fire… He was showing me flames of fire everywhere, it was quite frightening actually, because I did not know what to make of it at the time. Then last week I saw that all over the United Kingdom was lit up in flames ofContinue reading “Jesus is all the fire that I need”

Surprise! When God Says Move

This short video talks about how God likes to surprise you, just when you think it is over. Then God gives you the miracle you have been waiting for. God told me exactly where I was going to move to, literally step by step. And guess what, it happened exactly how he said it wasContinue reading “Surprise! When God Says Move”

What Is The Meaning Of Your Name

This short video talks about the meanings of your name in a biblical aspect. How important your name really is and what does it really mean and how has God revealed the meaning to you personally. My name is very much related to deer, yes these beautiful animals that appear everywhere in front of me.