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What A Beautiful Name

This video talks about the beautiful name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Saviour and King. His name is powerful and it was Jesus who was the Word from the very beginning to become flesh here on earth to save us all from sin and shame. Keep repeating his name, his name is worthy to beContinue reading “What A Beautiful Name”

Grow in Grace During the Lockdown

While we sit and wait during this season of lockdown, we have the time to learn and grow. We should not be inpatient to rush back to the norm, without having nurtured ourselves first with rest. When has the whole World ever been given the time to stop, to slow down, to breathe. Patience isContinue reading “Grow in Grace During the Lockdown”

God is Sweeter Everyday

Another beautiful morning, the sun is shining, the sky remains blue and the birds are singing. I give thanks and praise to my God for blessing me for another day. Rejoice my sisters and brothers, I say rejoice and be glad in all things no matter how small. I am so grateful and humbled forContinue reading “God is Sweeter Everyday”