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Latest from the Blog

A God Who Sees (El Roi)

This video talks about how God sees us wherever we are, even in our darkest places or darkest hour, he sees us. He searches for us to save and rescue and restore us, God only wants what is best for us, to love and bless us, this is the true reward from our Father in…


This video talks about how God created each one of us to live and live abundantly. We are all precious in our Father’s eyes and that is just how much he loves each one of us. And by the Grace of God we have all made it into 2023. By “Inspirational Ingrid”

Follow The Star

This video talks about how God told me to follow the star… This star is mentioned in the Christmas Story about the birth of Jesus, how the shepherds and the wise men from the east found this baby boy lying in a manger, just by following that very star. Will you follow that star today?…

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