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Hills and Valleys

This video talks about the highs and the lows of life, one minute you are on top of the hills and the next minute you have sunk to the lows of the valleys. Stay encouraged whether you are on the Hills or the Valleys, God is always with you, ready and waiting to turn yourContinue reading “Hills and Valleys”

What A Beautiful Name

This video talks about the beautiful name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Saviour and King. His name is powerful and it was Jesus who was the Word from the very beginning to become flesh here on earth to save us all from sin and shame. Keep repeating his name, his name is worthy to beContinue reading “What A Beautiful Name”

Royal Ascension

This video talks about the Royal Ascension to the throne and the long life of Queen Elizabeth II. It also talks about succession in God’s Kingdom and the heirs in his Royal household. By “Inspirational Ingrid”

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